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honey, honey, listen, as long as you feel good? and you walk in there like you own the place? WHATEVER you got on will be perfect. Where what makes you look gorgeous and slay tomorrow

why are you so perfect???? ugh. i’m going to ugly cry into my pillow. after i take off my makeup. 3am makeup face is not a good thing. also stop being nice. It’s going to go to my head.

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Junot Diaz
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I’m so angry for the dumbest reasons

like, I’ve been underemployed for ages and I just got picked up for 1 new contract and I have an interview for a nice officey job tomorrow… like THIS IS A GOOD THING. gah. fuck. blah.

But it is this weird unreal pressure to look really really “good” and that is difficult within the parameters of being fat and not having tons of money for new clothes by tomorrow.

I would like to wear my red “jeans” (trouser cut, not really denim but sorta). With a red/black/white/grey top that makes me look gorgeous, with peeptoe black wedge heels. I did the little grey dress today and I did not enjoy the wind whipping up my skirt and flashing my panties to the world. all. fucking. day.

My other option is a pair of black and white all-over patterned trousers (which might be too long, but with the wedge heels should be okay) with literally any blouse. Possibly pink with drapey boob fabric (covered but tight) or turquoise with small ruffles (button popping boob area) or maybe even just my white/black sleeveless top. And then my blazer on top of either look.

My hair will be pulled back into a low pony, a braid, or tightly pulled back but fully down. I will wear my heart studs or my CZ studs with my diamond necklace. OR my sapphire key necklace with rhinestone earrings.


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Purging non fitspo related stuff from my blog

I’m not getting rid of Ferguson stuff only, I’m getting rid of everything that isn’t food/fitness/body positivity related. For at least a few months back. I want to clean up my blog.

I’m too “everything” and not focused enough on this blog. I’m trying to tidy up my apartment, my web presence, and my life! (and slowly succeeding!)

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Kym Worthy, the prosecutor who just brought charges against Theodore P. Wafer for shooting Renisha McBride, has a long history of being a total badass:
Prosecutor leads effort to test long-abandoned rape kits, brings justice to victims

Kym Worthy, the prosecutor, the BLACK WOMAN, who ensured that Renisha McBride’s murderer was brought to justice, who was PIVOTAL in ensuring that it didn’t become another George Zimmerman debacle, has a history of being an incredible advocate for actual justice, rather than the facsimile justice (injustice) America usually doles out to marginalized groups.
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The proper response to street harassment
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Vegan Buddha Bowl :)
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I’ve been doing the job hunt thing like crazy, like MASS EMAILING of resumes (at least 6 of which had 2 typos… kill me!) and i just got 2 instant replies, and one wants an interview tomorrow. SMALL PROBLEM, it is a short term 3-week freelance type thing. And I’m “supposed” to be looking for permanent office work. If they’ll have me, I’ll take it; it pays more in 3-4 weeks than I get over 3 months from either of my current clients.

But they want an interview TOMORROW MORNING AT 11AM. I’m freaking out. I don’t know if I have appropriate clothes? like… its for a fashion week thing and I need to look moderately fashionable. would a lace dress look fashionable enough? should I go business-y? thank GOD i washed my hair today, so I can just wave it in the morning. My face is pimple city, and JESUS my eyebrows (ok I’ll thread those now before bed).

Help? what should I wear? I basically have 2 options: flowy blue high-low dress with a belt or coral/pink lace dress?

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