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Lifelong vegetarian who loves the smell of bacon.
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Fuckkkkkkkkkkk I did it again. I messed up baddddd

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I did something else bad

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you don’t understand how hard it is to take a selfie when you’re ugly

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I just did something BAD

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I don’t know if it’s blatantly apparent what type of blog this is….

but I’m kinda supposed to be a fitblr. I’ve had a steady trickle of new followers lately, and I don’t want to leave you guys lost.

So lets outline the things you will see on my blog:

  • fit, attractive, black and brown bodies
  • fit bodies
  • athletic bodies
  • food
  • healthy food
  • sinful food
  • personal posts about my plight as a young person trying to lose +60lbs
  • grocery lists, meal prep, and cooking pictures
  • homeowner rants raves and weeping

BUT you will also see a lot of positivity. What type of positivity do I mean?

  • posts uplifting PoC and WoC
  • posts uplifting the LGBTQ+ community
  • posts supporting minority groups (socio-economic groups, ethnic, racial, linguistic, cultural, and other communities)
  • affirmations for these groups, like rejections of “societal norms” which hold us back and keep us down
  • body positivity for all parts of the spectrum
  • support for people living with eating disorders, mental health disorders, and survivors of trauma

What should you expect on this blog?

  • some fandom posts (not too many, but enough)
  • nerdy geeky introverted extrovert posts
  • pretty photography
  • parks and lakes (park porn)
  • food porn
  • dirty jokes
  • putting people in their place

What should you not expect from this blog?

  • racism
  • ableism
  • fat shaming/skinny shaming
  • slut shaming
  • sexism
  • misandry
  • chauvinism
  • bandwagon jumping
  • bullying
  • a small vocabulary

You should unfollow me if:

  • You are a white person who thinks that their opinions are most important in anything concerning PoC, WoC, racism, cultural appropriation, or post-colonial literature
  • You are intolerant of others
  • You pit women against each other to promote an idea of women as catty and uncooperative
  • You easily get what the kids are calling “butthurt”, or what I call getting upset when your shortcomings and faults are brought to your attention, and you lack the ability to take responsibility for being wrong, or the ability to learn and grow
  • You have an Indian fetish
  • You lack strong reading comprehension skills
  • You would ever dare suggest I go make a sandwich.

I hope this helps! I also hope this doesn’t scare you all away. But honestly, if you want a focused vegetarian blog… I suck. I talk about bacon more often than tofu. If you’re ok with everything I just listed, stick around! And message me or say hi! I only bite carrots.

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saving because this is awesome
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When I was a freshman in high school, on March 15 we were studying Julius Caesar in English class, and we spent our first period writing quotes on paper daggers. At an agreeed time, our entire class stormed the Latin classroom, yelling “THE IDES OF MARCH HAVE COME!” And taped daggers on everything and everyone.

Basically proving my theory that Shakespeare is only boring if it’s made boring.

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