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Lifelong vegetarian who loves the smell of bacon.
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“I always doubted auditioning because of my weight. I’ve always acted and pursued theater – it was something I had always wanted to do when I was young. But I felt I would be rejected because of my physical appearance. Orange is the New Black has given me the opportunity to show that I have curves and I have talent too. It’s been a battle, you know, because I’ve never been skinny. But I’ve embraced it. Now I have the opportunity to show everyone that this is sexy. I can dress in the same attire as someone else and carry myself in a sexy manner, a beautiful manner and a prideful manner. What matters is how I play the role – not my size.”
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Mindy Kaling does Mindy Lahiri’s ‘Real Housewives’ tagline.
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Why?! Ugh I need to stop!!!
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I’m sorry.
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Not that anyone cares. That’s OK. Im not care worthy

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I think I give up. I give up on trying to lose weight. I give up in trying to eat properly. I give up on trying to get a nice body or be healthy or beautiful or skinny. I give up.

I don’t need my mom’s shit. I don’t need her telling me I’m a lying failure who ignore all advice and that I’m going to fail in life. I don’t need her telling me I’m a bad person because I speak too loudly. I don’t need her telling me im doing everything wrong and that even if I go to a doctor it won’t work because I’d never listen to someone anyway.

This is bullying. I don’t need this shit.

I give up. I’m a fat disgusting mess and I’ll never lose weight ever.

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Forever my dream girl, dream body, dream face and figure. If i can ever make it past butter face status, I aspire to be as beautiful as her. I *think* this is Carol Seleme. 99% sure. If not, then Carol Seleme is all the above and this lovely woman is my very close runner up for goal body. 
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I’ve always wanted to run in a lehnga. Like a bollywood scene.

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just one of those days when I want to die.

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